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24th - 25th November

Norwegian Conference for IT Use in Organisations

NOKOBIT 2020 Call for papers

The Norwegian Conference for IT Use in Organizations (NOKOBIT) 2020 will be organised in Hole 23-25 November as a part of the Norwegian Conference on ICT Research and Education.

NOKOBIT has been organized annually for the last 27 years as a national conference within information science and information systems. It concerns topics related to development, implementation and use of ICT in organizations, as well as societal issues of ICT. The conference is a joint arena for researchers and practitioners for extending the knowledge in the area.

The conference calls for contributions within a broad spectrum of themes and topics; see https://nikt2020.usn.no/no/index.php for important dates. Multidisciplinary research and a broad range of theoretical and methodological approaches are welcome. Possible topics include:

Posters and demos

Newly established projects, PhD students in their start-up phase, research in progress and completed work of interest to the participants, but which does not fit as a research paper, can be presented as a poster with or without an IT demo. See https://nikt2020.usn.no/no/index.php for further instructions.


In addition to written contributions, we also invite suggestions for panel discussion. Such suggestions should include a summary of the topic to be discussed and the participants of the panel - and those who suggests the panel needs to confirm participation from all of those in the panel.

Assessment and publishing

All research papers will normally be assessed by 3 anonymous and independent peers. The papers do not have to be anonymised, but we accept anonymous contributions. Accepted papers will normally be published in a digital conference reporting the NOKOBIT series (e-ISSN 1894-7719), currently published by Bibsys Open Journal Systems at credit level 1.

Extended Abstracts for posters (1-2 pages) will be published in a separate section, such that it clearly shows that these contributions are neither peer reviewed nor give publication credits.

We require the following for publication in the conference report (applies to both papers and Extended Abstracts):

If none of the authors participate in the conference and present the work, it might be removed from the conference report.

Under specific circumstances, a submitted manuscript can be refused by the programme committee without being sent for peer review. This applies if the manuscript has obvious deficiencies, making peer review meaning less (i.e., plagiarism, the work has been presented elsewhere, no scientific contents of a topic far out of the area of NOKOBIT). In cases of plagiarism or scientific dishonesty (I.e., plagiarism or autogenerated gibberish), the rejection and its reason will not only be covered to the submitter, but also, potentially, to the institution where (s)he is employed, and also to those being plagiarised.

Format and submission

Contributions can be written in Norwegian or another Scandinavian language or English. All contributions have to be original and not published or under review elsewhere. A peper should be max 14 pages.

Conference presentation

Accepted papers must be presented through a lecture at the conference, and the posters presented through discussions with the conference participants. The lecture is given in English if there are people who do not understand Scandinavian languages amongst the audience.

The board of NOKOBIT and program committee: